Restoring Health To Those Who Have Lost Hope

At the Tustin Chronic Condition Center, we specialize in working with those who are suffering from chronic health conditions. Using both functional neurology and clinical nutrition, we help the body to heal and achieve maximum health. We are the only clinic in the Tustin region that is using these specialized therapies to give our patients their lives back!

What Makes Us Unique

We are a specialized clinic that’s main focus is on improving the functioning of your body, using functional neurology, endocrinology, immunology, and neurotransmitters…

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Chronic health conditions are our specialty. We work with some of the most severe conditions; those that have been rejected, failed or let down by the traditional medical model…

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Watch video testimonials of patients, who were just like you, share their stories and their successes…

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Only patients who qualify for care will be accepted into our natural therapy programs…


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The Leading Provider of Functional Neurology and Clinical Nutrition in Southern California…

At our clinic, our mission is to improve the quality of every patient’s life that walks in our door. We do this by combining aspects of Chiropractic Neurology, Endocrinology, Neurotransmitters, and Immunology to allow our patients’ bodies to begin to function as they should, without the harmful side effects of drugs or surgery.

Being pushed through the medical merry-go-round is very disheartening for those suffering from chronic health conditions.

At the Tustin Chronic Condition Center, our mission to stop that unfortunate ride, and uncover the true cause of why your chronic health condition started in the first place.

Our goal is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to determining the true cause of your health condition. Your health, your long-term health, is our number one priority!

Are you…

  • Frustrated with suffering from the same symptoms year after year after year?
  • Tired of being told that your laboratory tests are normal?
  • Lacking the confidence in the typical medical model?
  • Sick and tired of being given another prescription medication and told to come back in a few months?
  • Unhappy with your current management plan from your doctor?

Did you answer “yes” to any of the above questions? If so, you may qualify for one of our comprehensive management plans at the Tustin Chronic Condition Center.

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Attend our Life Changing Workshop

Dr. King firmly believes that those patients who know and understand what their condition is, and how his therapies can help improve their quality of life, heal faster!

Dr. King teaches his life changing workshops once a week on various topics such as thyroid gland disorders, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

Podcasts, Articles and Research

Looking to learn more about chronic health conditions and read some of the latest research that is changing the lives of people like yourself?

Dr. King is constantly traveling and studying to stay on top of the latest research, as he prides himself in using ‘up-to-date’ therapies and techniques to help his patients.

One thing ALL chronic health conditions do is affect the brain neurologically. So let us use a simple analogy to describe our body, the complex machine that it is.

Your blood is like your car’s oil…

Your brain is like your car’s motor…

What happens to your car’s motor if you do not change your oil for 3, 5, even 10 years? That is right, the motor will start to break down! In medical terms, we call this degeneration!

Brain degeneration!

If you are losing short term memory, having balance or equilibrium issues, suffering dizziness or vertigo, struggling with brain fatigue, and/or battling depression/anxiety.

Early warning signs that the brain is starting to degenerate are the following: short term memory loss, brain fog, balance and equilibrium issues, dizziness or vertigo, depression and/or anxiety, the inability to focus or concentrate, etc.

“I use my Vitamix everyday! Hands down, it is one of
the most important pieces of equipment in my kitchen! – Dr. King”